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Are you a journalist wanting to find out more about PWN Global and its work? Let us make things easy for you! We have an extensive directory of accomplished expert, media-ready speakers who are able to give interviews and opinion pieces on many topics relating to gender balanced leadership.

In addition to our great expert resource, we'd be happy to provide you with our complete press pack.

  • Bizkaia Talent signs the manifesto of the “Men on Board” project promoted by the Bilbao Professional Women’s Network association

    3 May 2018 Language : English

    Bizkaia Talent joined the “Men on Board” initiative promoted by the Bilbao Professional Women’s Network association (PWN Bilbao), aimed at reducing the gender gap that currently exists in companies in terms of leadership. The event took place at the offices of Bizkaia Talent, whose Managing Director Mr Ivan Jimenez signed the manifesto in the presence of Ms Rosa Urtubi, Chairperson of the aforementioned association.

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  • "La marca personal es algo que lo gestionemos, o no, siempre vamos ir transmitiendo"

    2 December 2017 Language : Spanish

    Entrevistamos a Lola García, ponente del taller "Tú, una marca profesional de referencia" de la serie Mujer y Digitalización.

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  • Entrevistas a mujeres sobre liderazgo

    5 November 2017 Language : Spanish

    Entrevistamos a las 2 ponentes de la Conferencia LIDERAZGO “Cómo contratar y desarrollar a los nuevos líderes”. Un pequeño aperitivo de lo que nos contaron el pasado 28 de septiembre de 2017 en DBS – Sala Gárate.

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  • Deia. 3 de junio de 2016

    3 June 2016 Language : Spanish

    Cobertura del periódico del Foro de Políticas de PWN Bilbao. Deia el 3 de junio de 2016. Portada.

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