Our Board & Staff

PWN Global functions with a skeletal staff and the enormous support of a dedicated team of volunteers.

As you can see from the profiles below, our Boad is a diverse as our membership, featuring entrepreneurs and corporate professionals from acorss a wide range of industries.

Being involved in thge running of a not-for-profit organisation can be one of the most challenging and rewarding activities that you will ever undertake. The sense of camaraderie that builds up between Board members ensures that solid lifelong relationships are forged that support professional and personal development on so many different levels. 

  • Rosa Urtubi
    Presidenta View bio
  • Beatriz Castelar
    VP Secretaría General View bio
  • Carmen Zárate
    VP Partners View bio
  • Iratxe Las Hayas
    VP Relaciones Públicas View bio
  • Begoña Cerrato
    VP Comunicación View bio
  • Julie Pérez Laurent
    VP Membership View bio
  • Verónica Juez
    Co-VP Marketing y eventos View bio
  • Rut Martínez
    VP Mentoring View bio
  • Itziar Janez
    VP TESORERÍA View bio
  • Antonio Tena
    VP Men on Board View bio
  • Mercedes Miguel

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